challenge #2!

not all of my challenges will be dog related but this one will be 🙂

now find the picture of your favorite dog ( or least favorite dog ) just tell me if it’s your favorite

or not….



  1. 1
    Hadley Says:

    Here are my two favorites in the world!!! (Because They are (and were) mine!!)

    That is my new dog, emma, the next picture is a picture close to what my past dog, porter looked like, he was a newfoundland, black lab, chow chow mix! Emma is a black lab border collie mix

    porter (well, close anyway) :

  2. 2
    Hadley Says:

    Click on the actual link bc u cant really see the pics in the little window

  3. 3
    emily Says:

    hey laura and hadley start blogging again and check out my blog- this also includes brittany i have a new challenge

  4. 4
    emily Says:

    hey hadley laura and brittany start blogging again and chaeck out my blog because i have a new challenge oh and check out my othere blog-

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