Welcome to Yorkie-Place!

Welcome to Yorkie-Place ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m Brittany Bowne.

i know the name of my blog might be weird… but i’m obssessed wth yorkies!!

isn't teddy CUTE?!?!?

isnt teddy CUTE?!?!?!( it isn't my dog but i like to call him teddy )



  1. 1

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  2. 2
    JBABY Says:

    i have a yorkie named lily.

  3. 3
    gnf Says:

    this puppy is so cute

  4. 4
    Naty343 Says:

    I hav a yorkie named Rocky he is Sooooooooooooooooooooo cute !!!!!AND SOOOO Small!!Srry im obssessed over yorkies tooo……

  5. 5
    Bloom Says:

    i luv yorkies sooooo much im obssessed of them

  6. 6
    mackenzie Says:

    hi brittany my name is mackenzie im only nine years old but i love yorkies and i think that it is so cool that you are a fan of them to!!!
    so if you get a chance give me some more pictures of teddy(not your dog)lol!! at my email address emmsie19@gmail.com. thanks ,mackenzie

  7. 7
    Angel Says:

    I have a yorkie who is 8 weeks old she weighs 1.5 lbs now does anybody
    know how much she might weigh grown her mom was 6lbs her dad 3.5lbs
    just a little curious she is very small and of course a adorable….what’;s not to love

  8. 10
    zoe Says:

    hi angel,
    i have a 15 week old yorkie girl who is 1.8 lbs, she is tiny, yours sounds very big for 8 weeks, (mines was 1.2lbs at 9 weeks) i guess she’ll be around 5-10 lbs ish!

  9. 12
    KAYLA Says:


  10. 13
    KAYLA Says:


  11. 15

    where can i get a yorkie my numba is 816-813-1589

  12. 16
    Fernanda Says:

    omg !! me too i luv yorkies i dont have one though but im getting one next week !!

    • 17
      stephanie Says:

      so ho wold is your dog. i love them too ,they r so cute small and im getting one for graduation!

  13. 18
    jennifer Says:

    hi my name is jennifer i have a yorky puppy to he is 5 monthes old his name is max

  14. 20
    jennifer Says:

    he is so cute that i can eat him in one seconed

  15. 21
    Lisa Says:

    Our Yorkie is just turned 4 years old last week. She is 6 pounds and runs our house. I can’t imagine our house with out her.

    Keely has become the boss of the house, has more toys then she will ever play with and loves to sleep on my pillow. You wouldn’t think something that weighs only 6 pounds could take up a whole bed pillow.

    Good luck to each of you with your new young yorkies.

  16. 22
    Nae Says:

    I have a yorkie, he looks just like this one his name is Kofe

  17. 23
    Kelsie Says:

    Ehmagawd i luh-ve yorkies!!!!! i have one named Callie shes soooo ah-dorable!!!!

    xoxo Kelsie โค

  18. 24
    Shanan Says:

    your yorkie is sooo gawjes!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. 25
    Shanan Says:

    I luv yorkies!!!! your yorkie is so pretty!!

    xoxoxo Shanan

  20. 26
    Bonnie Says:

    ai have recently fell for the YORKIES TOO. The dam is pregnant and I have one reserved. She will be minature in size and her name is Millie! I can see why you love them so.

  21. 27
    Shelby Says:

    I have a yorkie:))

    • 28
      stephanie Says:

      .good for u

      • 29
        kyle Says:

        wow, stephanie it’s like u go on this website every day just to see teddy and u reply to like every message.

        i have 2 baby yorkies they are just 2 weeks old and i don’t know wat 2 name them

      • 30
        jackiee Says:

        OM G E E < 3
        I have a yorkiee too his name is lucky kitty pinaa
        D O N T H A T E E :]

  22. 31
    heilen Says:

    omg i am obsessed with yorkies too

  23. 32
    Oscar Says:

    Here is a growth chart that shows the project weight of yorkies. If yours is 1.5 pounds at 8 weeks, he’s estimated to be 4.5-5 pounds as an adult. The puppy who is 1.5 at 12 weeks is estimated to be 3-3.5 pounds as an adult.
    Check it out if you’re interested:


  24. 33
    Megan Says:

    i am soooooooooooo obsesed with yorkies too. i want one sooooooo bad. their so cute and their the perfect dog for me! i want one but i cant get one. and looking at pics of yorkies on the internet does not help… it makes me one want more! i want to get a shelter yorkie.

  25. 34
    Monica Says:

    I have a yorkie named Scottie. He looks just like the dog in the pic.

  26. 35
    Parmita Says:

    I WANT a Yorkie tooooo.. where do i get one!!??

  27. 36
    Cecilia Portillo Says:

    I have a Yorkie named Micaela, i love her, iยดm so happy.

  28. 37
    Conner Says:

    This is a good site for yorkie grooming information, and special yorkie treats, good yorkie information and they have GREAT yorkie puppies too, I have one and just love her: http//:www.artistryyorkies.com

  29. 38
    Conner Says:

    opps typo error, the great yorkie site I got my puppy from is


  30. 39
    Hollie Says:

    I love yorkies I have two, named Pepsi and Coke.
    They’re so small and cute and fun to watch tripping over each other!

  31. 40
    Hollie Says:

    They’re five or six years old and I might get a tiny puppy!
    conner i went on the site but there’s only like 2 pups for sale
    and how do you actually purchase them

  32. 41
    stephanie Says:

    omg i have a yorkie she is 2 er name is maggie
    shes the cuttest thing ever i just love her shes my little baby and shes so in dependant

  33. 42
    Anna Says:

    Aw that is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!! He is adorable.

  34. 43
    too bomb Says:

    im obsessed too ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. 44
    Beautiful Girl Says:

    I Love Yorkiessssss
    im obsessed too Brittany

  36. 46
    Sweet Girl Says:

    that i the cutest thing i have ever seen!!!

  37. 47
    Dani Says:

    I do not have a yorkie… But I love them!

  38. 48
    Garry G. Says:

    That is where I purchased my yorkie !!! I have had him for about 8 months and I just love him. He is so beautiful !! I would recommend them to anyone. http://www.artistryyorkies.com/available_puppies.aspx

  39. 49
    keyaira Says:

    hi brittany my name is keyaira and i am soooooooooooooo obsessed with yorkies and not jusyt yorkies all dogs i have a yorkie name bella and she is cute ill show u a pic

    wll i cant do it but you can look at her on blnk.com k3k3_k4 photos

  40. 50
    victasia Says:

    that dog is so cute

  41. 51
    LANA Says:


  42. 52
    baby girl Says:

    its very beautiful โค

  43. 53
    Marsia Says:

    Hello All,

    I have a 12 week old yorkie, named Lola Lafath Pearson, and she is a sweetie. I love them also and have always wanted one. Now that I have her my home is complete. She is around 3 pounds, so does anyone know about how big she will be? I want a little girl and I have two cats does anyone know how to make this a happy home, she chases them all the time.

  44. 54
    Casey Says:

    OH, what an adorable little angel!

  45. 55
    lil jigga Says:

    Lookin for a yorkie!

  46. 56
    Lizzy Says:

    hi i am lizzy i am 11 years old i have two yorkies named bella and charming they are so cute i love my dog and i am obessed with yorkies please put more yorkies pictures on the web plz

  47. 57
    DAJA Says:


  48. 58
    karii Says:

    omg im obssesd with yorkies as well i just havnt been able to own one ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i really want one!! yorkies are so adorablee

  49. 59
    Amanda Says:

    i current have yorkies for sale, they’re so current adorable and loving,
    raised as part of the family.

    email: teacup.mcypups@gmail.com

  50. 60
    shailla Says:

    i love yorkies i want one sooooooooooo bad and teddy is sooo adorable cant wait to have one of my own

  51. 61
    danecia Says:

    i luv yorkies 2 they are sooo adorable u just wanna bite them ……..lol

  52. 62
    hilly Says:

    teddy is so cute

  53. 63
    Lisa Says:

    hi there,
    i currently have four yorkies that are cute like Teddy,
    for more info, email: lisalove011@gmail.com

  54. 64

    i am getting a yorkie. do u have any tips????????????????

  55. 65
    Dev Says:

    I am a pet lover from kolkata ,India and looking for yorkie!! can any one help me to find one .pls email me : debabrata_india@yahoo.com

  56. 66
    joey Says:

    my penis is bigger than my dog

  57. 67
    Conner Says:

    I will say it again, you can buy love in a yorkie puppy just be sure you are getting the best love you buy. These are quality yorkie puppies that are not only cute but bred correctly.

  58. 68
    Haley(: Says:

    i love this website i have a yorkie at home he is soooooo cute his name is Rusty.(: he loves people yorkies r just the cutest arent they?(:
    (i โค yorkies!!)

  59. 69
    Haley(: Says:

    your best choice of a dog is by farr a yorkie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(: ( I โค Yorkies!!)

  60. 70
    Haley(: Says:

    i am obsesst with yorkies(: ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. 71
    Cathy Says:

    I have a sweet yorkie he will be a year in may. I got him when he was 9 weeks old. I crate trained him and he was house broke right away. My question in we moved 3 months ago and just the past 2 weeks he is sneeking into our bedroom and going on the floor. Do I start over with kenneling him during the day only to go out to go? He sleeps alnight in his kennel. Help.

  62. 72
    beebee Says:

    ive always wanted a yorkie since i can remember.
    if anyone knows where i can get one
    please let me kno!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. 73
    Amanda Says:

    i currentlyy have some cuties,
    if you don’t mind you can email me at
    email: teacup.mcypups@gmail.com

  64. 74
    vanna Says:

    I am looking for a female adult yorkie that lives in St. Goroge or Hurican Utah so that my friends male yorkie has a chance to breed before he gets nuterd.
    My email adress is ur4bowana@hotmail.com
    and all of you guys are right about yorkie ๐Ÿ™‚

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